Main Features


Searchable database of songs, easily added to and modified

The database of songs can be searched quickly by first line, or by individual words or phrases. Additional songs can be added and modified very easily. At this time LiveWords isnít supplied with any songs. You can add your own songs either by typing them, by importing from text files, or by copy and pasting them from another application.

Quick display of any song in the database

Where the start of the first line of a song is known that song can be displayed very quickly. This can be done irrespective of what song or song list is displayed. A preview window shows the song before it is displayed so you can check that the right song has been selected. A whole meeting could be run like this, but on most occasions song lists are a better alternative.

Quick database searching by first line, and full text searching

Songs can be found instantly when the first line is known. Finding a song without knowing the first line is also very easy. The database can be searched for a phrase in a song and a list of results presented.

Song lists can be created for meetings and services

For many meetings the songs that are going to be used are known in advance. These songs can be set up in a song list so during the meeting you only need to run through the list, rather than having to find each song as it comes up. Extra songs can be added at a later stage, and the running order changed. Lists can be saved to be used at a later date.

The lyrics display can be formatted and background images used

Different font styles can be used and background colours or pictures inserted.

Spontaneous messages

A short message can be put up on the screen during the meeting, irrespective of whether a song is being displayed. This is very useful for crŤche calls, or telephone calls, for example.

Easy-to-use design, even by those with little computer experience

LiveWords is designed to make it easy for people with less computer experience to still operate it with ease. You neednít be limited to only having very computer-literate people displaying the words. Many churches donít have a large pool of experienced people, and so need a system that is very easy to use.

Individual song and song sheet printing

Song sheets can be easily printed from song lists. This is very useful for small groups, or for a music group or band. Also, individual songs can be printed. This could be useful for when acetates need to be made up for when a data projector isnít available, for example.

Song log listing all songs used

All songs that are displayed are logged so that at a later stage you can see what songs were displayed on a certain day, or how many times a song has been used. This makes filling in a CCL form a lot easier and more accurate.

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