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LiveWords is song projection system for places of worship. It has been designed to be very easy to use, recognising that many churches don’t have people with advanced skills in IT, or the time or budget to invest in training. It is designed to project song lyrics, and that’s what it does!


LiveWords isn’t PowerPoint. It is specifically designed for displaying song lyrics, and has many features tailored to this purpose. However, it doesn’t have many of the more advanced animation or design features of PowerPoint. This is because very few churches will need to use such features for their song projection. It is designed to be used as well as PowerPoint. PowerPoint is great for notices and visual aids, but LiveWords is designed specifically for song projection.


Main features:


System Requirements


LiveWords is available to you for free, download it and try it out! I ask that if you decide to use LiveWords during your meetings you consider making a donation towards the development. I work full time for a Christian charity, and develop LiveWords in my spare time, and so would appreciate any donations that you could make. Unfortunately we can’t offer any songs with the software at this time, hopefully we will be able to in the future.


The software is freely available for download. The following download is a self-extracting ZIP file, which when run will begin the set-up program. The manual is included with the program files, but is also available as a separate download.


LiveWords 1.4 program files

LiveWords 1.4 manual


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